Alc. 4.2% Vol 20 x 500ml Bottles Born and Brewed in Bacup An all grain brew using a blend of natural ingredients including: Barley Malts, Wheat, three varieties of English Hops along with Premium Nottingham Ale Yeast. The Old Boot Brewing Co. was set up by two brothers in 2020. It as set up in memory of their Grandad of whom they have many happy memories as children helping him make home brew in his kitchen in the 1970’s. If they were lucky they would get to sample some. Happy Memories!! Brewed and bottled in the Old Boot Brewery, Waterside Mill, Bacup, OL13 8AW.

20 x 500ml Bottle - Britannia Coconut Dancers Ale

  • The Old Boot Brewing Co, brew this beer on a regular basis. Due to time it takes for the brewing process, delivery times may vary depending on the levels of production and the demand.

Now delivering to: Australia, New Zealand, USA, China & Cambodia

Local collection also available.